The “O” Club

The “O” Club, a new Combat Pilot feature, provides a gathering place for all pilots prior to Career and Server selection.

With text messaging and real time chat between online Combat Pilots, the “O” Club allows for the coordination and planning of training flights to include server selection, communication channels, and training objectives. Future growth of the “O” Club area includes access to Tactical Planning and Squadron Lounges.

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  • Oggii80

    Just wish there were more pilots on it!

  • michael

    where is everyone how do you talk to people when there on

  • LorenzoJ

    I am not positive, but don’t think you can communicate in the “O” club from the free Demo version. But if you want to hook up with buddies to fly together just agree to meet on a specific server and you should see each other fine when you spawn on the ramp.

    • Yanosuke

      Yup, it’s disabled in the demo version. Not sure if you can see full users talk, but I know you yourself cannot type anything as a demo user.