Reviews Have Landed

The first official Combat Pilot review is out and it’s a ‘biggie’., have spent weeks testing and evaluating every aspect of the title including flying different aircraft, multi-player missions, and careers. In addition, we have been given exclusive insights into some of the upcoming developments. But reviews aren’t everything. Take a look at what some of the players are saying about their Combat Pilot experiences!

“I can’t get enough of it, the learning, the training, the combat, it’s intense and makes you want more. All I can say is – HELL YEAH!” – TopDog

“This is as real as it gets with out spending $150 million for your own jet. Your pulse will race, your palms will sweat, you will get nervous, you will get scared. Man it’s a great time!!” – Intruder

“Anyone can fly games but why bother when you can fly Combat Pilot!” – Chompski

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  • Jack

    The link to the review is wrong. It leads to the o-club.

    • Qualquer

      pay for this? NO WAY.. you can fly for free using a good and “realistic” service like ivao vatsim.. and join a good VA.

  • Ramjet

    The review has been considered as “marketing” and cricitized by Flightsim users in the comments part. Hardly a surprise that the link has been changed ;-)

  • Funwrecker

    I don’t understand why people would pay for this when all the comments state the system is bugged, not performing properly, over-priced, etc.
    I agree with the posts stating that the review was merely marketing..

  • Vernonvan

    where and when for this amazing game.

  • Vernonvan

    kinda sounds like amway.

  • Martin1955@

    Downloaded software yesterday. Installed this morning. HAVE NOT LEFT MY DESK SINCE  !
    Runs VERY smooth, no hiccups experienced. I honestly to date  have found NO bugs at all.
      Just do NOT fiddle with FSX settings in the menu bar whilst online!  This action  will reset the game, and you will find the mission re-starting.
    Beautiful aircraft, and gorgeous scenery, the planes are of great quality and are a real pleasure to fly. This is a fantastic ‘game ‘ !   ( understatement of the year ! )
    Well done all involved !
    ( Pity I am still unable to purchase due to server error on store site )
    South Africa

  • Dick 1495

    I’m certainly glad I did not cough up fifty bucks to buy this product.  Just getting around in the game is tough enough, but when I tried to fly the only aircraft that is available to me, I found that the panel file is flawed and it is impossible to fly that plane.

    Perhaps I’m the only person who has had problems, but there seems to be no way to contact anyone to held me.  So, be forewarned –  this may be a piece of junk.

    • yuehong li


  • Gst

    I am pleased with my purchase and i fly the assigned aircraft with no problems ,software wise, and i enjoy every minute  fly.

    I  had problems at first with the system but I obtained support without any difficulty.

  • yuehong li

    how to play? 

  • Dick 1495

    yuehong li –

    I’m glad that you are flying so well.  One of my complaints is that I cannot find a link to customer support.  Maybe that is because I am am trying to fly using the demo version.  Can you tell me how you got to customer support?  Once I am convinced that C.P. is worth the money, I’ll spend it.

    Thanks in advance

    Dick in Cumming

  • Oggii80

    If you look at it as a hobby, then it’s certainly worth the money. Unfortunately though, Flight Simmers tend to go for the limit on peripherals for these games, which tends to alienate a lot of buyers. In many ways, I count this as a good thing because it keeps the player-base mature and makes for a great experience, but on the down-side, you get stuck with situations like yours where a person is on the fence about spendong the money.

    I would like to see this game boxed and sold at the PX or some other retail, it’s really not getting the spotlight it deserves..

  • kurt

    absolute waste of time, i love fsx and saiteks products but this is a shit product, is is so bugged its not even funny, just getting around to load a fricken mission is a pain, do not waste your money on this product

    • michael

      i have no problems with it maybe its the computer your using

  • George

    My review of CP and the CP-T6B:

    I am currently a Student Naval Aviator in training stationed at NAS Whiting Field. I was looking for a good chair flying tool such as this. I have about 45 real flight hours in the T6-B. Just to be clear, I fly the real thing, not a simulation. So I have a solid frame of reference for this post. Please read it carefully, I don’t mean any disrespect to the creators. I just wanted to give a objective view on how the game compares to real life operations.

    I put about 5 hours into Combat Pilot for the T6-B variant and I must say there are a plethora of things wrong with this program/add on for FSX.

    However, I’ll start with the positive. The scenery is definitely good, much better than standalone FSX, the KNSE and KNPA airfields are very accurate depictions. The T6-B model and textures are good. You got the color right. The AOA indexer seems to work, The hud turns on ADI and HSI are the correct color.

    Let’s begin with the negative. The virtual cockpit is a nice attempt. I understand programming limitations of FSX, but you put a lot of things in the wrong place. The Master Warning, Master Caution, and Fire Warnings are incorrect. The big red square should be labeled “Fire” with Master Warning on the left, and Master Caution on the right.

    The Up Front Control Panel (UFCP) / HUD. Yes, it may look right, but functionally it’s worthless. The first input window on the “CP-T6B” is for TACAN. If you would have done a bit more research on the T6-B you would know that it does not have TACAN capabilities. COM1 (UHF) should be the first window, COM2 (UHF) should be the second input window, not VOR. VOR is the 3rd input window. Finally, The Transponder is in the 4th window followed by a 3 letter code denoting ACT (Squaking altiude) and SBY (Stand-By).

    On to the Multi-Function Displays (MFDs): They should be called Single Function Displays, because your model does not utilize their features. The left MFD is the NAV side, it should contain multiple pages that would be take up this whole comment/rant. The center MFD with the ADI and HSI are marginal. They are the correct color but the AOA indicator is inoperative, it’s missing altitude and speed bugging capabilities, and it’s missing the CRS and HDG keys that are located on the bottom left and right. The HSI Course indicator is gigantic, you can’t even tell if you have the VOR needle present. It shouldn’t be that big. Also the Com / Audio Panel is inoperative (below center MFD)

    The EICAS (Engine Indication / Crew Alerting System is a good try as well. But you are missing a ton of variables such as Fuel Flow and IOAT setting a fuel bug, etc.

    The Left and right panels with circuit breakers are correctly depicted.

    That’s pretty much it for cosmetics.

    Flight characteristics are the deal breaker for me here. This aircraft is a poor attempt. First, lets start with power settings. 100% torque 180kts and 8-10 degrees nose up is the, no kidding, real life climb profile. On takeoff I used this profile and was able to break through 220 kts with those settings. Also, on the takeoff roll after 500 ft of runway I was well accelerated through 120 kts, wow that’s not possible in the real world. The rotation speed is 85 and I was unable to rotate until 118. Power changes are slow and erratic. Going from 100% torque to 0% torque should elicit a huge deceleration, however in the CP-T6-B if you have to wait for the engine to slow down to the torque. It coasts slowly even with rapid pulling of power. There’s also no gear warning horn under 120 kts with the PCL approaching idle.

    If you want a better T6 experience, download the IRIS project T6A, it isn’t the B variant but it does a whole lot better at flight characteristics than the CP-T6B

    On to the Combat Pilot program itself…

    I started up the lessons, and since I’m a real student pilot, I skipped right to the FAM1 Checkride of course, why not? I brought up the checklists and noticed a lot of errors that are just plain common sense. First, it told me to initiate the Engine Start Checklist. I understand this model is missing functionality, but the checklist is incorrect. Also, it asks you to get you taxi clearance, then get your ATIS information… So, you get cleared to taxi before you know the weather? That just isn’t logical.

    On to the robot instructor Pilots. I like the fact that he reminded me to hold short of RW23 before crossing, in the real world at KNSE you are cleared almost always across the inactive runway. Then I taxied to the active, taxied back and shutdown the engine. Checkride Complete.

    The next checkride is where I turned off the game. It asked me to follow a route at specific altitudes and airspeeds. Which I did +-100ft +-10kts of airspeed over every point, but there were no robot IPs giving me any feedback after takeoff. After completing the route, landing and shutting down the engine, I expected to have the “Mission Complete” window pop up, but it never did. So, I tried the process again with the same results.

    If you’re going to build solid realism into a game, you need to have a solid realistic platform. In my opinion, this game under-delivers. It’s buggy, glitchy and lacks that “feel” of a realistic simulator. The functionality is poor and is not worth paying money for the next levels.

    • LorenzoJ

      Gee George, if you weren’t getting feed back during your flight then you have to have missed one of the earlier trigger points. It is after all a game and not an exacting simulation. Many people both real world pilots and sim pilots have found enjoyment here in spite of the growing pains of the program. Good community of help in the Forum is available. Due to your real world expectations it is probably worthwhile to run through the test missions before taking the checkrides to learn what the game expects you to do as opposed to what you would encounter in real life.

    • azreark1

      Hey George can you do me a favor? Email me at ‘’, have a few questions for you.

    • Pamela Brooker

      OP: Thank you. As I did most of the flight model on the Iris T-6A texan II, I cant help but consider your statement anything but the highest complement, and its greatly appreciated, especially in these times..
      Thanks again.
      aka/ warchild

  • michael

    hey my review for CP and my aircraft CP-T6B

    I am a pilot by heart iv been flying since 5 years old and i think that going to all this trouble to make this for people i think its an awesome why to see what real world pilots get to do on a small scale maybe make them think a little about if they wanna go do that for a job well i would different give it a go.

    i have been playing the demo for some time now making sure i passed all the check rides ready to buy the full game to pass the last one to get a better rep on the game im hoping to see many people like my self on the game and have a lot of fun flying to different placers together