Flight Training Operations, (FTO)

FLIGHT TRAINING OPERATIONS, (“FTO”) is the first installment in the exciting new online multiplayer series – Combat Pilot. FTO represents the first step towards the goal of flying strike, carrier strike or other combat missions with your wingmen, squadron, and online community. Built on dedicated servers with a custom multiplayer engine, FTO provides:

  • A controlled true multiplayer environment with live chat
  • Over 25 nations from which to choose a career
  • Train on CP-T-6Bs, CP-T-38Cs and CP-T-45Cs to earn your wings
  • Graduate to Fighter Lead-in School in preparation for deployment to combat operations

You begin as a new Cadet. As you progress, you will be given an opportunity to be promoted, receive citations and awards, and acquire Combat Pilot experience.

Learn about Arenas, Base Ops, and the Pilot’s Lounge.