Your Combat Pilot membership not only gets you 30-days of full access to the Combat Pilot universe, but also gets you three highly-detailed aircraft and seven military bases that can be used within the Combat Pilot universe as well as offline with FSX.  Specifically, your $49.99 membership gets you:

  • 30-Day Full Access to the Combat Pilot Environment including: Flight Training Operations, Fighter Lead-In Training, choice of over 24 different careers, check rides, access to the pilots lounge, voice communications, squadron creation, multiplayer flying, and much more.
  • (3) detailed aircraft (created by A2A) including: CP-T-6B/CP-AT-6B, CP-T45C, and CP-T-38C (a $75 value). These aircraft can be flown both inside the Combat Pilot multiplayer environment as well as offline via FSX.
  • (7) Military Bases including: NAS Pensacola, NAS Jacksonville, NAS Corpus Christi, NAS Oceana, NAS Fallon, Sheppard AFS, and NAS Whiting Field (also accessible offline via FSX).

We anticipate updates to Combat Pilot will feature new aircraft, missions, combat ranges, a full weapons suite and additional bases. A paid membership in good standing is required to access the new content. Note, some aircraft and expansions will not be included with your membership and these items will be sold separately.

After your 30-day full access expires, if you wish to continue as a combat pilot (and we hope you do), you must pay a monthly membership fee of $11.99 USD.

Combat Pilot is multiplayer environment built on the FSX engine. As such, it requires either FSX Acceleration, or FSX Gold to be installed and fully functional. In addition, there are minimum system requirements that must be met.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Full version FSX Acceleration or FSX Gold Installed (Sold Separately)
  • Windows Vista / Windows 7
  • Processor: 1.0 GHz
  • RAM: Windows Vista – 512MB
  • Hard Drive: 14GB
  • Video Card: 32MB DirectX 9 compatible
  • Other: DX9 hardware compatibility and audio board with speakers and/or headphones; microphone recommended
  • Online/Multiplayer Requirements: 56.6 kbps or better for online play