Interactive Ground Crew

ThunderHawk Studios is in work on the development and integration of interactive ground crew for the Combat Pilot multiplayer community to aid with aircraft launch and recovery for both airbase and carrier operations.

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  • Mcolley0

    Not bad.

    • Thomas Loeffelmann

      ok don’t care about the helicopter but for the rest of the aircraft is this not a standart signe.

      But in the manual is this not nore NTAO, FAA ore USAF take a look if you talking about page 47 signe 77 it show up diferent.

      a good test pilot is always in training

      • Thomas Loeffelmann

         Did any one see the Ground Crew in Game ?

  • thomas.loeffelmann

     The third Marshaller ? what signe is this ? don’t found this in AFI 11-218

    a good test pilot is always in training

    • Erwin Neyt

      if the sign is: moving the arms overhead towards each other to a helicopter : it means “DROOPSTOPS IN” Droopstops prevent that the rotorblades to hit the airframe.
      if the wands are hold vertical overhead and no further gestures it means to ALL aircraft : “I’m here” 

  • Sfdaggaa


  • Todd Gandy

    Those aren’t ABU’s…

    • kalkx

      ABU is air force we’re at a navy base