Inside Saitek Combat Pilot

Learn about Arenas, Base Ops, and the Pilot’s Lounge.

Combat Pilot Arena – Instant access to your environment.

Arena selection is based on a number of criteria which include Time of Day (TOD), number of members currently located within a particular arena as well as their location, and weather. Members may also search for individuals based on callsign or go directly to a specific arena. The VIEW button may be used, once an Arena has been selected, to evaluate more detailed information before making a selection.

Base of Operations – Your Multiplayer Experience Starts at Base Ops

After Arena selection, Combat Pilots will be placed inside their assigned Base Operations, giving them a verity of options including the Pilot’s Lounge, Learning Center, Mission Selection, and Admin Office.

Pilot Lounge – Locate and Communicate with Your Friends

The Pilot Lounge and ready rooms are available for communication and briefings between the pilots currently assignment to the base or those in Transit. Pilots will use Combat Pilot’s voice com to communicate with each other. All pilots will be listed by their callsign (displaying pilot’s image and career nationality).

Mission Selection and Briefing – Time to Fly!

Mission are divided into three categories; Training, Check Rides, and Flights.

Training and Check Rides are flown in a simulator (stand alone flight); they may not be used to accumulate flight hours nor can you be killed or captured in a simulator. Training Flights are flow in the community, in the Combat Pilot world they represent flights in your aircraft with all that may apply to actual flight including combat.

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