Flight Training Operations

FLIGHT TRAINING OPERATIONS, (“FTO”) is the first installment in the exciting new online multiplayer series – Combat Pilot. FTO represents the first step towards the goal of flying strike, carrier strike or other combat missions with your wingmen, squadron, and online community. Built on dedicated servers with a custom multiplayer engine, FTO provides:

  • A controlled true multiplayer environment with live chat
  • Over 25 nations from which to choose a career
  • Train on CP-T-6Bs, CP-T-38Cs and CP-T-45Cs to earn your wings
  • Graduate to Fighter Lead-in School in preparation for deployment to combat operations

You begin as a new Cadet. As you progress, you will be given an opportunity to be promoted, receive citations and awards, and acquire Combat Pilot experience.

Learn about Arenas, Base Ops, and the Pilot’s Lounge.

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  • http://www.nzfsim.org/ Adamski_NZ

    And here’s another one!!!

    Do we have a pricing structure yet? Initial registration then monthly access?

    • Combat Pilot Duty Officer

      Hi Adamski, it’s $49.99 US and then $11.99 per month; first month is included with initial purchase. Thanks for the queston.    “Combat Pilot Duty Officer”

      • Maverick

        Why is the first month so expensive? What does the first month get you that the subsequent months don’t???

        • Combat Pilot Duty Officer

          Hi Maverick, please read the post above; I think that will answer your question. 

          • http://www.realbigtree.com/ Ben Clark

            $181.88 for your first year of playing, ouch. I like the idea of the game but sod that, ever noticed that 90% of MMO’s these days have a free to play start (normally up to lvl20) or let you play the whole game but don’t let you access all abilities, skills and equipment. There’s a reason, nobody wants to pay hundreds of dollars a year just to play ONE game.

          • Blackarrow

            I am afraid I have to agree with Ben.

            The inital $50 I would consider paying, but the ongoing costs are too much. It looks like it could be quite fun but not at that price. It is too rich for me so I won’t be buying it.

          • Andrew

            Same here. Like the idea but it’s ultimately an FSX mod – which already has free multiplayer – with a monthly fee going to pay for keeping your stats and progression. Bit too steep. Would be a bit like EA charging a monthly fee to keep track of your BF3 stats…

      • http://www.nzfsim.org/ Adamski_NZ

        Thanks for the info. Regardless of what the initial cost is (which may be good value if the add-on aircraft are good), I have to agree with the others: $181 US p/a is *way* too expensive.

        Considering there are a fair few *dedicated* combat sims (DCS, ROF) etc.  that don’t charge for online time (and don’t have the FSX “overload”), you may find take-up for this product at this price to be minimal.

        • Combat Pilot Duty Officer

          You make a good point, all I can say is we intend to make it worth it. As for overload; that is why we spent over a year working on the custom Multiplayer, Base operations interaction. Thanks for your imput.  C.P.D.O.

  • Paullee

    Test for putting some bytes into a reply pop up; The video clip is definitely Awesome!!

  • BloodTank

    $50? Wow, so steep, 10,000 kids just stalled out.

    • Combat Pilot Duty Officer

      Hi BloodTank, the fifty
      dollars buys the Combat Pilot Series; first of which is Flight Training
      Operations. Included in FTO are three aircraft in over 25 paint schemes,
      developed by A2A, seven new bases and the opportunity to start two careers.
      This price also includes the first month’s membership. If at the end of the
      first month you may cancel your membership subscription, but you will still
      have access to the new aircraft and bases. Thanks for taking tghe time to write, Combat Pilot D.O. 

      • Cdt. H. J. Parkers

        Hello, I am Cadet Harry J. Parkers, I want to buy this, I have the Saitek Cyborg F.L.Y. 5, and i was wondering if that was compatible with this.
        Also, if i buy the Game, then after the first month cancel, can I still fight with my squadron?
        Thank you for reading.

  • Spyglass

    What three aircraft are included, I trust they will be fully working models and not your standard generic FSX?

    • Combat Pilot Duty Officer

      Hi Spyglass, the quality of the aircraft and your experience is very, very important to us here on the Combat Pilot staff, that is why we selected A2A to do the work.  They were all built from scratch… These aircraft are great!  C.P.D.O.

    • Combat Pilot Duty Officer

      I will post some more picitures of the interior and the avionics of the three aircraft in action.  You’ll be able to bring up your checklist (located on the Combat Pilot Electronic Kneeboard) and complete them in the cockpit.  Hope this helps Spyglass and thanks for the post.  C.P.D.O.

  • Buzzard

    Are the avionics, flight control systems and FCS all functional? 

    • Combat Pilot Duty Officer


  • xChain

    Can we see some cockpit pictures please?

    Thank you.

  • xChain

    Are we getting a realistic flight model (as realistic as possible in FSX) or something more arcade?

    How about the avionics like the UFC? Can I use the Esterline CMC UFCP in T-6B? Is the functionality there?

  • Whoosh

    $144 US$ a year?????

  • Amarshall560

    Has fto come out yet! and if so hwere do i down load it

  • Delevero

    it’s $49.99 US and then $11.99 per month; first month is included with initial purchase.

    I just lost interest. its unrealistic, I might be stupid enough to pay 49,99us for the mod but im simply not willing to pay for anything els and im even a very serious simmer..

    I left the building and slammed the door.

  • Hwwlk

    SepticSid here, now I have the heads-up on the price, sorry mate count me out.  I fly for flyuk(va) I pay a “donation” every year – not compulsory and have a vast array of fantastic “free” downloadable aircraft in company colours with the feel of a real life airline.  Have a look at they offer and howe they run the fantasic va.  I was looking for another challange and another extension to my flight simming.
    I am not prepared to pay your asking price especially in the current financial climate.

    Suggest you rethink your pricing otherwise you aint going to get anywhere

    With regret
    SepticSid (just gone awol)

  • Wizkid

    Hello just want to say to all you cheap bastards out there, would you come work for me for free at my computer business for a few months so I don’t have to charge customers any money? Why should they have to pay for my professional work when I could do it for free using a free intern like you?  I mean really, which one of you complaining about having to pay for something would actually do any decent work for free for someone else? I am a paying developer for Prepar3d right now, it’s $10 per month for two licenses, and I’m not complaining. For those of you not aware, their product is from Lockheed and built on the FSX engine.  You punks out there can spend $120 or more a month for cell phones to text and do bullshit with while you freeload off your parents and family, but you won’t pay for this kind of programing we all love to play? All I can say is it will be better online here without the bottom feeders like you, even though I would get pleasure at shooting your asses down.  Wizkid2552

    • Mark

      I would just like to ad that I was considering purchasing this product but this has done it for me. I get enough of this language and garbage everywhere else but this is one area of my life I can do something about it. 

      You may have a great product but this sort of vile idiocy is for other people, not me. I will not be purchasing this product and I will be unsubscribing from your feed. 

      Good product or great, I do not need nor will I put up with comments like this. If you cannot police yourselves any better than this, you do not deserve my business. 

      • http://www.realbigtree.com/ Ben Clark

        Wholeheartedly agree with Mark. I develop for the Flight Simulator series (FS9/FSX) and over 10 years I have made exactly $0 doing so. Wizkid your IT work bears little comparison to games development, your market is small and most likely limited to your city so you will need to charge higher rates to turn a profit. A game like this, especially a combat sim has a much broader market appeal and therefore prices can be lower and still turn a profit as the number of customers purchasing the product will be higher in return. With this near $200 price tag (~$150 a year after) they have already turned away a large portion of their market, indeed I doubt any of my friends (all of us developers, some payware) will be purchasing this product. I wouldn’t object to the initial costs, that’s pretty fair game for a game these days, but the ongoing online costs are a joke, indeed far higher than many MMORPG’s which offer more online content with no offline ability at all. 

        • Wizkid

           Ben I don’t know what it costs to run a game server on this scale, or develop a combat server to work with FSX that has no inate combat ability.  I tend not to look at it as $150 per year you mention for Combat Pilot, but rather as maybe $3 per week, and as a service to enjoy.  I made my initial comments only after reading so many people not wanting to spend anything for this, and realizing how the developers must feel seeing such comments.  Maybe the price is too high, I don’t know, but really for what lots of people spend  in a day ($2 for a coffee, $1 for the newspaper, $6 for lunch, $9 for cigarettes, $10 on beer or wine, etc, etc) I just think that paying some money for good development would only lead to even more and better development, and we’d all end up happy.  Developing for recognition is fine, but I bet you would have liked to get even $5 out of each person that enjoyed your creations.  To them it is not much, but if a thousand people kicked in, you’d have a nice payday.  Wizkid

    • Vonov

      I agree with what Wizkid is saying, as far as you get what you pay for.  Most people have NO earthly idea how many man hours (for which someone gets paid, and it isn’t close to minimum wage, either) it takes to develop ANY program, much less one which incorporates such things as ballistic physics, aeronautics, flight physics, and damage modeling, just to mention a few, as well as high speed servers, which handle endless packets of information, in two directions simultaneously, multiplied by hundreds of connections, and so on.  All this takes money.
      My point is, don’t expect everything to be given to you.  Reward the people who make the games we love by supporting the ones you like, so they can make money, with which to make even better flight sims/games, so they can make more money, to make better games, and so on. If they make a little money at it, more power to them.  Don’t YOU expect to receive reward and recognition for a job well done?  Wouldn’t it be cool to walk into a game expo, and be the guy who everybody recognizes as the guy who built the company that brought us Call of Duty, or European Air War, and wouldn’t it be a shame if that same guy got home from the show, and found a foreclosure notice in his mailbox, because he couldn’t make enough money doing what he was born to do?  (Hint: homeless guys write very little software.)
      The alternative, my friends, is to not support our software designers, and watch our beloved flight combat genre dry up, because nobody could make money with those any more.   

      • http://www.nzfsim.org/ Adamski_NZ

        I agree with neither Wizkid’s point or or particularly offensive manner.

        No-one’s expecting to get this totally free. Comparison between development man-hours and selling price is facile. Look at how many 1,000s of hours go into the average A2A product – yet we get a a good deal when we buy it (as I expect you can see from their sales).

        Online costs are a RIP OFF. Does “Rise of Flight” charge? No. Does BF3 charge? No.

      • Wizkid

         Thank you Vonov for explaining it better than I did with my sarcasm and disgust last night. And other viewers please note, I do not work for this project in any way, I am simply happy to see ambitious fellow developers creating something here, and was standing up for us as a group.  A laborer is worth his wage, and if this online experience ends up as good as intended, what is 30 cents a day to help these guys pay the bills? More importantly, paying something for what you get makes it more valuable to you, and also will generate more enthusiasm for the guys making this project.  Someday you younger guys will be working for a living too and will expect to be able to earn something for your time.  Wizkid

        • Mutz

           Well Gents
          I a gree with Wizkid, on the content not on the wording ;-) , even if he maybe right. I have played Warbirds from totalsim for years and payed 11$ a month for something which is not even 10% of what CP promises. (you may think Iam stupid, probabbly you right ;-) )And a lot of people still do today. I have cancelled my account there today and waiting with great interest of the release of CP. Btw, this is not arcade stuff, if I understood well this is a simulation. We expect to play as close as possible to reality, this for50 Bucks…and 12$ a month? Gents, this is a gift :-) check out the prices of simulators payed by your respected Air Force….The graph is lousy, ok you have a a cockpit to sit in,  mostly even not a moving one and they pay millions. What we get here is, if the promises are held great stuff for resoanable price. do not offend me, it is just my opinion ;-)

          Cheers Mutz

    • Vyper

      1. too expensive…hell no, for a product such as this..with people such as u..hell yes. 2. Wiz, get a hold of yourself you’ve just lost another customer. You’re here to sell, not to criticize people who criticize your product cuz u ain’t gettin’ shit that way. 3. MOST flight sim enthusiasts are adults and not “punks” who freeload off their parents and family. As Mark stated, police yourself better.

    • Mcolley0

      Thats pretty stupid to say when a cell phone is something we need. This is a game, it will forever be a platform simulation on your computer. If you really wanted a simulation of military you should have stopped wasting your time on computers and joined the Air force. Stop kidding yourself… I bet this platform couldn’t help you if your child was lost. but a phone could

  • Vonov

    Question: is the CP series a standalone, or do you have to have FSX?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1197973153 Vic Bond

    Guys Dingo here, I don’t think the asking costs are to much when you look at other sims such has car sims with online racing such has R1 racing the costs are about the same   This series is actually taking FSX to a new level so is actually good value for money in my opinion

  • Deputydog857

    Main issue I have is the Virtual US Navy already has this same setup, minus the different country colors, and there is no charge. Training, advancement, plane downloads, the VRS F/A-18, all of this with a structured community of mature, flight minded players. No “immature” attitudes allowed or you are booted. An intense training and qualification program adds to the reality. They don’t charge for any of thier downloads or monthly membership or actuall flight instruction. You need to drop your monthly fee if you want to compete with what is already established.

  • Mcolley0

    Im Really sorry but I dont bealive this is worth it on a personal standard. Considering the fact this is trying to simulate a combat enviorment in a civilian flight simulator platform. no. If you want to argue with me go ahead I just want someone to prove me wrong. If you look at the photos above…. those planes have the same HeadsUpDisplay as the default hornet in Microsoft Flight Simulator X…and we all know how detailed that one is.

  • Deputydog857

    Comments such as Wizkid would be an automatic kick!


  • Paul Bardsley

    Would rather think; “Don’t knock it until you’ve tried/seen it”! :-)

  • Jd-gt

    It all looks a bit too American to me.

  • Dkinney

    Hello guys I have spent a good portion of the last few years on Combat Pilot; It’s been an honor. I knew there were a lot of us out,there,
    like me, that really enjoyed aviation, specifically military
    aviation. I had hoped to bring us together by building a great place to fly and
    – yes, fight. I have pushed that members, after their initial purchase,  never have to buy or upgrade to enjoy Combat
    Pilot. I know for some the price is too high or that in some cases the perception
    is too much for too little; to the later let me say that entire team continues
    to work hard at earning your trust.  All
    that being said, at the end of the day we all are joined by a common passion
    and its ok to not like CP for whatever reason.   I enjoy
    your spirited banter and I respect your passion, but please remember to be
    respectful of each other’s opinions  at all
    times.  Thanks guys, very much   C.P.D.O.

  • phutzbah

    I would agree that the price is a little steep compared to some MMO’s. However some MMO’s charge more, take for example SWTOR which I believe is $15 per month. However SWTOR obviously is successful and many gladly pay the fee because it is worth it, at least I think it is, it is a phenomenal game.

    The question/point here is quality. If FTO kicks some serious a** then many would gladly pay the price. So it is all up to MadCatz/CP crew. Their biggest challenge is smooth flight at close/formation range. FSX has some limitations in this regard, but they can be overcome.

    Now I would suggest waiting until we actually have the opportunity to try CP/FTO before we pass judgement. Right now most of the comments are based on speculation. The key is that we get what we pay for. I will try CP/FTO, I will judge the product then.

    Most of the ‘free’ products in the flight sim world, leave much to be desired. Especially for the ‘serious’ simmers, where every nuance and realistic addition or oversight matters significantly. PMDG for example was a great franchise, insanely expensive but historically worth every penny, until there last major release of aircraft.

    As for the free loader aspect of all of this, touched upon by a few…. You more often get what you pay for in the tech world. There is nothing easy or quick about programming quality software. The dev guys earn every penny and deserve, as any other occupation does, the fruits of their labor. The world seems to have an entitlement mentality as of late, and the something for nothing crowd needs to grow up and join the rest of the working world of adults.

    So, CP/FTO might really suck, or it could rock. I prefer the latter and eagerly look forward to it’s release. I would caution the dev team to take the time they need to perfect the product. Expectations are very high here, and the initial release is going to set the trend of this product. It is far better to disappoint all of us by delaying the release than it would be for us to waste $50 on a buggy product, with a future promise of fixing issues, for example the jitters at formation range.

    Keep us up to date.

  • AV8R

    Phutzbah nailed the issues for me…

    I have been doing online combat flight simming since 1995 when we used modems. Much of it within online squadrons. There are many issues that needs be addressed before I will spend reoccurring and non-reoccurring funds on when there are so many existing excellent free online MP DF and COOP squadrons and servers. I personally fly with: FalconBMS, DCS-A10c/FC3, ROF and IL2-COD. The keys here are the top quality sims, MP code, and experienced pilots. That’s my bar of excellence.

    Occasionally I fly online with some friends with FSX using MilViz’s T-38a Talon trainer. Problem with using this sim platform is that there isn’t combat in FSX, cannot get close in formation. MilViz Talon isn’t a true two player MP cockpit, which means you cannot have an IP fly with you in the same airframe. Other freeware has done this successfully like Dino’s T-45c Goshawk. If FTO can get A2A to do this right and have experienced IPs, plus the close up formation coding and weapons that work online; then if its not buggy and not verbally abusive- it would be worth paying a reasonable fee.