Ready To Accept Strike and Carrier Strike Pilots

Fallon Naval Air Station is ready to accept newly commissioned, freshly winged Strike and Carrier Strike pilots for entry into the Fighter Lead-In School. The school will use the CP-AT-6B aircraft, familiar to all Strike pilots, fitted with six hard points, configured for ether rocket pods or .50 caliber machine gun pods. Successful completion of the course, which includes 9 check Rides, an introduction to night vision goggles (NVG), and an additional 25 flight hours, will lead to the selected combat aircraft and a posting to Combat Training Operations (CTO). The CP-AT-6B paint scheme and pilot’s flight gear flown in Fighter Lead-In will be dependent on several factors, including whether you chose a Squadron or Command Pilot classification, and, if you chose a Command Pilot classification, whether you have received the prestigious Meritorious Strike Pilot Award.

Meritorious Strike Pilot (Medal)

  • Complete FTO with only four failed check rides (Command Pilot Cadet Only)
  • Receive 1000 CPEP


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    Nice.. We need videos guys!

  • Caloubk117

    je parle et écris l’anglais !!!!!!!!!

  • Jiří Fišer

    So basically, everyone willing to play this will have to get his combat pilot license in this school, after flying all the hours? Cool idea for getting rid of many noobs!

  • colombo

    where can i buy or download this game