CP-FA-18D In Development

ThunderHawk Studios is in work on a CP-FA-18D to be included with a future Combat Pilot release; Combat Training Operations, CTO. The CP-FA-18D will be the default jet for all Strike and Carrier Strike Careers; other aircraft selections to be provided by third party developers such as Iris, Aerosoft, or Razbam.

Here are some early development shots of the ThunderHawk Studios CP-FA-18D

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  • Kairasp Daruwala

    I like this,I love the F-18`s

    • duke

      I hope that they will be as good as VRS F/A 18!

  • thomas.loeffelmann

    Work this plane dual seater on line with Instructor in the backseat and Pilot in front seat.

    a good test pilot is always in training

  • Tyduke

    Looking good!

  • AB

    Don’t see why you guys didn’t get in touch with VRS this does not look half as good as there 18E though it is a single seat. Granted you want to have a seat for the instructor you could allow both pilot and instructor to share the same seat.

    • Woogey

      AB, are you insane?  I have the VRS bug.  This looks every bit as good as it does.  What you are looking at are unfinished WIP screenshots.  The shape is right, (Much better than the FSX Default)  The effects appear to be done well.  The final textures and panel lines have yet to be added.  VRS is a separate competing company.  What are they going to do?  Not to mention VRS is a small (less than ten people) outfit, that has their plate full anyway.  I’m am not sure why you think the best F/A-18D ever made for an FSX platform, needs to be degraded in such a way?  If your F/A-18D model is so much better, then by all means, offer it to CP in the way that Iris, and RazBam have done.  I’d be happy to fly it.  -Just my two cents.

  • Dang3r

    Would the game also support the Cougars MFD’s as the FSX anyway does?

  • BeakerVBA

    You guys must be a bit oblivious. I hope our cockpit screenshots have been good reference for you, anyway.

  • Dickbutt

    This looks like dog shit. 

    • yoshua

      well it’s not done dumb shit