Combat Training Operations (CTO)

You have earned your wings, now its time for multiplayer combat and weapons training. Let’s go blow some stuff up. CTO takes newly commissioned Combat Pilots and teaches them how to effectively deploy their weapon systems. All Combat Pilots assigned to combat training will have access to F/A-18C as well as any purchased aircraft including those that came bundled with the Deluxe Packages (A-10, F-14, or Harrier II).

After much hard work you’ve earned your wings and now the time has come to master your selected combat aircraft along with your fellow officers in Combat Training Operations. CTO represents the integration of a large number of quality strike and carrier strike combat aircraft, all built by leading developers such as Razbam, Iris, Just Flight, and Aerosoft into the Combat Pilot multiplayer environment which includes missions, ranks and achievements; all of which sets Combat Pilot apart from other air combat simulators.

CTO includes an average of 15 unique missions tailored to the type of aircraft you have chosen. Mission types can include:

  1. Air-to-Air Weapons Deployment
  2. Air-to-Ground Weapons Deployment
  3. In-Flight Refueling
  4. Carrier Operations / Qualifications

For each strike or carrier aircraft CTO includes training and check rides flown in the simulators and the more exciting multiplayer missions flown with and against your fellow officers; completion of which earns you the Combat Ready Star and a posting to a selected Combat Squadron- you are now considered combat rated and ready for war.

All Combat Pilots that have chosen the Strike Pipeline will be assigned to fly the F/A-18C as part of their active subscription. All other aircraft, listed below, are available for purchase for operation within the Combat Pilot Community for an average price of $9.99US

We anticipate the following aircraft will be available when CTO launches. All are available for purchase even those that came bundled with the Deluxe Packages:

  • F-14 (part of a Deluxe Package)
  • F-22
  • F-16
  • A-10 (part of a Deluxe Package)
  • A-6E
  • EA-6B
  • A-7K
  • A-7C
  • AV-8B (part of a Deluxe Package)
  • U-2S
  • F-111C
  • And more are planned…

You will automatically be assigned to CTO and the F/A-18C upon completion of Fighter Lead-in as part of your $11.99USD Combat Pilot monthly subscription (no additional purchases are required). “Train to Fight – Flight Like You Mean It!” C.P.D.O.

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