Combat Pilot Series Decommissioned

Dear Combat Pilots, It is with heavy hearts that we announce the closure of ThunderHawk Studios and the shutdown of Combat Pilot’s online servers at the end of November, 2013. … Read more


Fighter Lead-In Training Has Opened Its Doors

Fallon NAS, the home of Fighter Lead-In Training has opened its doors to the first class of newly commissioned Combat Pilot Lieutenants. It is here in the wide open spaces … Read more

Combat Pilot Series "O" Club

The “O” Club

The “O” Club, a new Combat Pilot feature, provides a gathering place for all pilots prior to Career and Server selection. With text messaging and real time chat between online … Read more

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Ready To Accept Strike and Carrier Strike Pilots

Fallon Naval Air Station is ready to accept newly commissioned, freshly winged Strike and Carrier Strike pilots for entry into the Fighter Lead-In School. The school will use the CP-AT-6B … Read more


Weapon Development For Fighter Lead-In Training

ThunderHawk Studios is in work on developing weapons for the CP-AT-6B used in Fighter Lead-In.  Strike and Carrier Strike pilots must complete Fighter Lead-In prior to reporting to combat training … Read more


Interactive Ground Crew

ThunderHawk Studios is in work on the development and integration of interactive ground crew for the Combat Pilot multiplayer community to aid with aircraft launch and recovery for both airbase … Read more

Combat Pilot CP-FA-18D for Combat Operations

CP-FA-18D In Development

ThunderHawk Studios is in work on a CP-FA-18D to be included with a future Combat Pilot release; Combat Training Operations, CTO. The CP-FA-18D will be the default jet for all … Read more


Flight Training Operations

FLIGHT TRAINING OPERATIONS, (“FTO”) is the first installment in the exciting new online multiplayer series – Combat Pilot. FTO represents the first step towards the goal of flying strike, carrier … Read more

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Check out the aircraft you will be flying online during FTO and Fighter Lead In. More aircraft coming soon. Aircraft paint scheme will vary based on career choice.


Career Path

Your career in Combat Pilot is very important. It will impact whether you can be an XO or CO, the paint scheme of your aircraft, highest possible rank you can … Read more