Check out the aircraft you will be flying online during FTO and Fighter Lead In. More aircraft coming soon. Aircraft paint scheme will vary based on career choice.

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  • Csomers

    Sheppard is located in Wichita Falls, Texas….not Wichita, Kansas.

    • madcatz

       Corrected. Thanks for the heads up!

      • doright

        You missed the Falls.


    Hi guys! Congratulations! It seems to be a great combat pilot simulator, but I  would like to know if this is a game you only get paying in internet or if it could be buying to get it at home.   Anyway, it seems to be really good, congratulations again. 

    • Combat Pilot Duty Officer

      Hi Mustang, Combat Pilot is
      only available online. As soon as you report in and are assigned to a training
      base and that bases operations area, you will be integrated into the community.
      It was very important in the design and execution of Combat Pilot that we bring
      the whole word of aviation enthusiast together; allowing us to all fly in a
      controlled environment. Thanks for the question Mustang – Clear Skies C.P.D.O.


    • Combat Pilot Duty Officer

      Just a quick reminder, all
      of the aircraft and bases provided in Combat Pilot FTO will be available for
      use off line in FSX.   C.P.D.O.

  • Mynx

     Add choppers in a later Add-On and I’m in.

    • James “BlackHuey”

      The Ops Manual mentions a full range of helos, though choice seems restricted depending on your nation.

      • Combat Pilot Duty Officer

        Correct; with all aircraft
        including helicopters, your selections will be dictated by the career that you
        have chosen. That is why its important to review the aircraft list in the
        manual prior to career selection.  And
        before you ask; yes we will be adding a US Army career; we will, however
        require that they complete Primary Flight Training.   C.P.D.O.

    • Combat Pilot Duty Officer

      Hi Mynx, choppers are coming,
      but you will still be required to complete Primary Flight Training before reporting
      to Whiting Field South for helo training in a TH-57.  Best of luck Mynx     C.P.D.O.

    • Sittingduck

      I am with you Mynx, I saw they will have CH53′s…Guess I’ll be flying under the German flag unless they add them for USAF

  • James “BlackHuey”

    Are these custom built for CP or are they existing payware? Will CP subscribers be required to separately purchase payware aircraft?  If not, are the supplied aircraft at a similar level of quality as IRIS/VRS etc aircraft?

    • Combat Pilot Duty Officer

      The three aircraft supplied in FTO were developed by A2A
      simulations; they have done their usual great job. You will never have to buy
      an aircraft however, you may, for a nominal fee, have access to future aircraft
      provided by a number of third party developer including Iris, and Razbam.  These aircraft will all be integrated into
      Combat Pilot; checklist, weapons, and training flights.

  • Amarshall560

    will there be a conbat sim

  • Snowman

    This is all very exciting, its about time something new was introduced. We will soon see if VRS have taken too long and how it will compare, although this seems to have more of an education behind it relevant to the ranks and stuctures of the US military. Well Done!!

  • Frixion1

    Still can’t hold a candle to BMS